Library Facilities

Smt. S. V. Valagundi
Shri. Vijay Balmi

Library is a repository of knowledge and information made available in the form of books, journals, periodicals, magazines, encyclopaedias, articles and new papers. Libraries are academic and career guidance extensions in the educational sector from school through to universities and research centers. A good library is a storehouse of wealth for students who are inclined to read and apply rather than read to study. Time spent with a good book or any learning resource is fundamental to acquire, build and hone soft skills such as reading with intent, articulation with language and grammar, along with outlay and presentation of written answers apart from imbibing a vast volume of knowledge on current issues ranging from core subject studies, sports, to national and global events.

With the onset of information and communication technology, libraries have undergone a gradual evolution from information dissemination centers in print to digital media. The need of the hour is to access information using electronic and internet facilities. In keeping with the upcoming trend in library and information sciences our college, under the innovative leadership of our Principal Dr. Christopher has initiated appropriate steps to facilitate automation and digitalization of our library to provide wholesome availability of information for our students to prepare for tests, internal examinations, university examinations, seminars, assignments and projects laid out in the NEP undergraduate syllabi. All the books and related learning resources in our library are coded and catalogued for easy access by the students.

The first semester students will be provided with a multipurpose smart card enabled with a bar code that will serve as an Identity card that is programmed to record the activities of students including attendance, books referred, home issues taken and time spent in library preparing notes, assignments. Students are encouraged to spend more time in the library and utilize facilities available to prepare for competitive exams for various state and all India services. Students can seek technical support and accessibility to learning resources from our in-house librarians Mrs. Shantha Valgundi and Mr. Vijay Balmi during working hours from 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM (Monday to Friday) and 10.00 AM – 2.30 PM on Saturday. Extended Hours of Library is available one month prior to commencement of the exams from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Home Issue of Books will be permitted against Identity cards for duration of 15 days.

Book Bank facility is available for students covered under reservation quota, NCC, NSS, Meritorious and Sports students

Reference books, Magazines and Journals can be used to prepare for competitive exams and issued for reading purpose within the premises of library and permitted to be taken home for weekend on Saturday.

Books are issued to students daily as Over Night issue which should be returned the following day. These books will be issued for exam purpose 15 days before the commencement of exam.

Our library also houses a Placement and Career Guidance Cell. Students can refer subject based and general studies books to prepare for competitive examinations including post graduate, state and central services placement entrance examinations. Efforts shall be made to invite speakers to address students on placement opportunities and career guidance.

“Best Student Library User” award will be presented to the student who utilises all the resources available in our library.