Solar Plant

The solar plant at Kittel Science College in Dharwad is a commendable initiative towards a sustainable future. With the increasing energy demand, renewable energy sources like solar power are gaining importance in the world. Solar power is a clean and green source of energy that does not cause any environmental pollution or harm to the ecosystem. The installation of the 30kw distributed rooftop solar power plant at the college is an excellent example of harnessing solar energy for meeting the electricity demand.

The solar plant has been installed as a part of the 'Green Campus' initiative by the college, which aims to promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprint. The solar plant is capable of meeting the college's daytime peak electricity demand, and the energy generated is entirely used for the power needs of the institute. This reduces the college's dependence on non-renewable energy sources and saves electricity costs in the long run.

Moreover, the solar plant installation at the college serves as an inspiration for the students and the community to adopt sustainable practices and embrace renewable energy sources. The initiative also aligns with the global goal of promoting a cleaner environment and reducing carbon emissions. Overall, the solar plant at Kittel Science College in Dharwad is a significant step towards a sustainable future and should be emulated by other educational institutes and organizations.