Kittel Science College in Dharwad takes special care of its majority girl student community by providing them with a Ladies Rest Room. This facility aims to maintain privacy for the girl students and provides ample space for them to relax in case of any emergency. The Women’s Restroom is a common facility that girls can use for refreshments and personal needs.

The college has separate Common Rooms for Boys and Girls, with the Girls’ Common Room situated on the first floor. The girls washroom is attached to their Common Room, which is a beautiful room with sitting arrangements, tables, and chairs. Additionally, the Girls Common Room has two Almirahs for storage of various items of the girl students. Two extra toilets are also available for the girls outside the common room. Normal drinking water is available for the girls.

For boys, separate toilets are available within the campus, and there are separate Departmental rooms for teachers. The college also has a common room for all teachers, which has separate attached washrooms for male and female teachers.

Overall, Kittel Science College in Dharwad ensures that the restroom facilities cater to the diverse needs of its students and faculty, with a particular emphasis on the privacy and comfort of its female students.