The Parent-Teacher meeting at Kittel Science College in Dharwad is an annual event that plays a crucial role in promoting a positive and productive relationship between parents and teachers. The objective of this meeting is to foster a collaborative effort between the institute and home to improve the overall academic performance of students. By maintaining a harmonious relationship between parents and teachers, the meeting aims to provide a platform for parental participation in the educational process of their children.

The meeting serves as an opportunity for parents to interact with teachers and discuss their child's academic progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. This exchange of information and feedback helps teachers to develop a deeper understanding of each child's individual needs and tailor their teaching methods accordingly. It also allows parents to gain insight into their child's academic and personal development, enabling them to provide the necessary support and guidance.

In addition to facilitating parental participation, the Parent-Teacher meeting also promotes the harmonious development of the children. The meeting organizes workshops and group discussions for the students on topics connected with education and child development, providing them with a holistic learning experience. By working together, parents and teachers can create a nurturing and supportive environment for the children, allowing them to reach their full potential. Overall, the Parent-Teacher meeting at Kittel Science College-Dharwad is an essential event that benefits students, parents, and teachers alike.