Languages Department

Sangeeta Prabhakar
Smt. Sangeeta Prabhakar
Head of Department

The department of English at Kittel Science College has carved for itself a reputable mark in the annals of the history of Kittel College. Luminary giants of language and literature have served in the Department with a commitment towards holistic growth of its students. Close attenuation is given to the student’s mental, emotional and intellectual growth.

At present Smt. Sangeeta Prabhakar, Heads of the Department believing that the growth of the students is possible by empathising with them in learning English as a language, the syllabi involve Indian and English writers thus giving a broad view to life, culture studies and values. The department is working to bring in workshops and special lectures to the students, so that learning becomes fun and easy. The department focuses on building a student individually as well as through group activities. The desire in a world worked with change and progress.

The department of Kannada has been an integral part of Kittel College since the inception of this college in 1968. Literacy giants like Dr. Vaaman Bendre, D K Joshi. Dr. Mutalik Desai raised the standard of teaching through their deep knowledge of literature and languages.

Now, I wish to continue the same by taking the department a step further by inculcating values, deep thoughts and understanding of local language( Special lecturer, seminar will be encourage)

zSmt. Sarika R. Jogale
Smt. Sarika R. Jogale
Head of Department

Establishment of Hindi Department

  • Department of Hindi was established in 1968.
  • Department is providing quality education.
  • Programs of the Hindi department is based on the model syllabus of University Grant Commission
  • Update time to time in consultation with experts


  • Providing quality education and imparting knowledge of Hindi literature.
  • Improving communicative and educational skills.
  • Improving the eligibility to fit for employability Developing skill of self-employment
  • Making fit for higher education
  • Developing moral human and ethical values.


  • Improving the knowledge of Hindi in depth through the class seminars and assignment.
  • Improving educational and communicative skill through the conducting of competitions, seminars.
  • Enhancement of Students proficiency in all skill like speaking , writing, listening, reading and understanding
  • Developing communication skill and improving employability.
  • Making fit for higher education through giving deep knowledge of Hindi literature
  • Organising workshops, seminar for the overall development of students.

Faculty Details

Smt. Sarika R. Jogale


  • MA (Hindi)
  • BEd.
  • Hindi Pandit (Pune)
  • Master Educer

Facilities in Hindi Department

  • सामान्य हिंदी
  • हिंदी साहित्यिक युग पुस्तक
  • हिंदी का सरल शब्द अनुसार
  • शब्दार्थ विचार साहित्य इतियास
  • साहत्य का सिंरचना
  • हिंदी आलोचना


Class Wise Students participation in On “CORONA Saptapadi” 12 Students participated on 14th September "Hindi Day" Celebration.

Contribution of Hindi Department

The department of Hindi has not only been active in teaching Languages and literature in the College, it has played an important role in the dissemination of Hindi to student and society. The faculty of the department has taken many assignments to teach Hindi to nearby villages.

The Department of Hindi from its inception has treated Hindi as an integrated, multifaceted and multidimensional subject, Hindi language and literature has never been treated as isolated identity. We have further plans to extend ourselves to fulfil the extended aura of language and literature.


A good number of passed out students are now serving as faculty members in various schools, colleges, and other educational institutions within and outside Karnataka

The Department’s main objective is to spread awareness about literary and cultural importance and relevance of the Urdu culture, language and literature. It aims to promote the Urdu language as the language of knowledge, and Urdu literature as the literature of values especially human values that can withstand the buffeting forces of time. It aims at carrying out original research to develop the field of knowledge.

Faculty Profile

  1. General Information


    Dr. M. M. NAIKWADI

    Date of Birth


    Address Residential

    Laxmi Nagar 7th cross, Melavanki Hospital Dharwad


    Associate Professor



    Area of Specializations

    Poetics, Fiction, Poetry, Grammar, Literature

    Date of Appointment


    Date of Retirement


    Continue as a guest lecturer in the Department of Urdu

  2. Academic Qualification

    Degree University / Board Subject Year Grade / Class
    B. A. Karnataka University Dharwad Urdu, English, History, Sociology 1988 First Class
    M. A. Karnataka University Dharwad Urdu 1990 First Class
    SLET Government of Karnataka Urdu 1998 Qualified
    Ph.D. Karnataka University Dharwad Urdu 2019 Awarded
  3. Teacher's Activities


    1. Attended two days international conference 7th and 8th September 2018 at KLE S.K. Arts College and H.S.K. Science institute Hubli and presented paper on the great freedom fighter and Urdu poet Maulana Mohammed Ali Johar
    2. Attended one day state level seminar on "Revised NAAC accreditation framework" at Anjuman Arts, Science, commerce, College Dharwad.
    3. Attended one day National conference in "skill development in higher education on March 2019 at Anjuman Arts, Science, Commerce, College Dharwad and presented paper on skill development of India"
    4. Attended one day National level seminar on March 2019 at Kittel Arts College Dharwad and presented paper on " Rev Ferdinand Kittel the Kannada Saint
    5. Attended as a resource person "Urdu day on 14 September 2019, at Smt L.G.S government first grade Arts and commerce College Savanur.