Our Mission

Scholarship, Fellowship, Leadership

To realize our vision and mission we commit ourselves to guiding values. To accomplish our vision we strive to nurture and groom the students to be scholastic, morally upright, social committed and spiritually inspired.

Our Goals & Objectives
  • To motivate students to seek their goal by harnessing their potential.
  • To provide apt knowledge to enhance their creativity as ‘Knowledge is finding unity in the midst of diversity’.
  • To promote service mindedness towards society and nation. The motto being ‘To serve and not to be served’
  • To love and respect fellow citizens. – ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’.
  • To inculcate moral and spiritual values to become ideal and responsible citizens.
  • To honour God’s creation
  • To nourish and cherish our culture.
  • To instill a sense of patriotism.